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Healthy Options

We have a range of fresh fruit always available. 


Never fear Doc McArthurs here

We have a range of pharmacy essentials all here on site in our store:

Paracetamol, Allergy Tablets,Ladies Hygiene,Throat lozengers,Ibuprofen,Suncream,Condoms Etc Etc

Milk & Fresh Bread

Danced Till You Dropped!!

Need some feel good food?

Visit our fresh counter for milk,bread,yogurts,milkshakes to name but a few!.


Andy B

"I've never quite seen anything like it at a festival. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING"


"Sometimes been a lady you can be caught by surprise - after my initial panic i didn't have to fear McArthurs had it all covered, with their friendly staff and vast range of goods I was sorted and back partying within the hour - SIMPLY SUPERB "

Big Stevo

"Biscuits,Sweets, Crisps & Chocolate - all big Stevo needed to keep me rocking the weekend away - should be one of these at every festival - SIMPLY TOP BANANA"

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