Everyday goods and essentials from McArthurs Supermarket

McArthurs supermarket is a top onsite event supermarket attending events all over the UK and Europe. We offer a massive range of everyday goods and essentials to make your visit to any event trouble free and enjoyable.

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Your events supermarket

Our store brings everything that you could need whilst you are away from home. Cold meats, bread, fruit, drinks, hygiene products and much more are available in store and ready for pre-order online.

Pre-Order Service

Should you not wish to have the hassle of dragging your heavy goods across the field from the carpark then please take a look at our click and collect service. Simply select your required goods, drop it in your cart, choose your event, pay and you will be given a unique receipt number which you simply bring along to the event then pop along to our store see one of our staff and swap the order confirmation for the goods, easy, right?

VIP Service – Beat the Queues

We all know how long the queues can be at major event supermarkets. For only £20 you can be part of this unique club, By choosing our vip service you will be given unique access to our VIP lanes which guarantee to have you served in less than 5 minutes. To utilise this service simply select VIP package from our home page, drop it in the cart, pay, bring your confirmation receipt to your chosen event and swap it for one of our VIP wristbands at our stall.

Upcoming Events

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Collect Your Goods At A Festival In 3 Simple Stages


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